About Me

My name is Anita Malik and I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.

I graduated from The University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Science in 2014 and became a licensed Mortgage Agent with Kasuco Mortgages and Investments in 2015.

As a Mortgage Agent I combine my love of helping people with my passion for both finance and real estate. I take a holistic view to each file as every client brings with them a unique set of circumstances. At Kasuco Mortgages we pride ourselves in finding solutions, not problems.

The focus of my business is first and foremost customer service. Client satisfaction is our  number one priority. I am available evenings and weekends in addition to regular office hours to ensure the needs of my clients are met.

My strength lies in my ability to structure difficult and hard to place deals, particularly clients with numerous investment properties, alternative financing involving self-employed individuals, and deals involving debt consolidation, bruised credit and/or prior bankruptcies.

Every file at Kasuco Mortgages is reviewed by our team of specialists including our principal broker who has over 30 years of experience ensuring a successful closing. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if I may be of any assistance to with your financing needs.